Tricks of The Trade - How Can I Lower My Auto Insurance Rate?

When you're in the market for auto insurance, policy writers are going to consider your record, your vehicle, and your age.

While you can't change your age, and it's hard to swing back the hands of time on your driving record, there are a few things you can do to lower your auto insurance rate.

Here are 4 tricks of the trade for lowering your auto insurance rate, beginning with our favorite here at

Use an Auto Insurance Comparison Tool

One trick is to first make sure you're casting a wide net when shopping for car insurance.  Arming yourself with a good car insurance comparison tool can help you find lower premiums, better terms, or both.

Consider switching up your wheels.

Your auto insurance rates are partly determined by the make and model of the vehicle you drive.  Policy makers will favor a safe ride with lower rates, while anyone driving a fancy sports car will pay more for the "privilege"!
If you are truly determined to lower your insurance bill, then take a good hard look at what you drive.  If it cost a lot to purchase, maintain and fix then your rates will be higher.

And sometimes what goes along with an expensive car is a car that's more likely to be stolen.  Zing...up go those rates again!

Another factor considered by policymakers is the safety record of the model of your vehicle.  If you can add safety features to your car, or choose one that has them already, you might lower your rates that way, too.

Work on cleansing your driving record.

It's possible to "recover" from some past mistakes on your driving record by exhibiting perfect driving behavior.  Getting caught driving without a seat belt is just plain stupid these days, what with all we now know about how much they save lives.  But you can also get a ticket for forgetting to buckle up.  Your final punishment: it could make your auto insurance rates go higher.

Other moving violations like rolling through a stop sign mean heavy fines, but also increased insurance rates.  The bright side: some states allow you to "erase" those moving violations by going to driving school.

Swap a little of your time for a cleaner record and lower insurance rates?  It's a great deal and many states even allow you to take the course online.

Monkey around with the parameters in your policy.

There's a reason it's important to understand auto insurance: knowing exactly what you need can help you put together the right combination of terms for your policy, and could result in a lower premium.

For example, playing around with the deductible is the most obvious way to reduce what you pay for insurance, sometimes by as much as 30%!  Just make sure you're prepared to actually pay a higher deductible should you end up having to use your insurance.

Ready to get started on lowering your auto insurance rates?  Head on over to our comparison tool and see what's in store for you.