Safety Tips for California Summer Travel

Californians, if your desire to hit the road hits its peak during summer, you're not alone.  Summer is the season of travel.  Whether you're beach-bound, looking for that new restaurant with outdoor seating, or headed to the coolness of the mountains, a few tips on preparation can make all the difference between the best day ever and a totally ruined tip.
Here to help you start the season in the best of ways are tips from the California Office of Traffic Safety as well as a few experts on summer travel in California.  Do yourself and your passengers a favor and read through them before you launch your summer travel plans.

Summer Safety Tips for California Drivers

1. Give your vehicle a checkup for the season.

This is a good idea any time of year, but since you're about to embark on a few road trips, now's as good a time as any.  One thing we all know is that in southern Cal, summer can be brutally hot.  Both you and your car need to prepare for extreme heat.  Here's how:

  • Make sure your A/C is working properly.
  • Inflate your tires to their proper pressure.   You'll get better gas mileage this way, too.  Plus, the heat of summer can wreak havoc on your tires.  The air inside will expand due to the heat, and if your tires are old you can have a blow-out.
  • Check under the hood for wear and tear on hoses, belts, and fluid levels.
  • Get an emergency roadside kit and stock it with lots of bottled water.
2. Remember your best practices for safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informs us that there are over 1,700 deaths every year due to vehicle crashes.  They also say that wearing a seat belt is the best way to protect yourself.  California has a Click it or Ticket campaign that reminds everyone to buckle up- don't forget.
Secondly, remember to practice defensive driving, a good idea that makes even more sense during summer travel.  That's because there are more teens driving during summer, since school is out.  They're young, inexperienced, and full of risk-taking tendencies, so watch out.
Same goes for drunk drivers.  Summer is the "good old days", so be on the lookout for drivers who are under the influence.

3.  Plan for congestion.

There's more of everything on the road in summer.  More teens, more drunk drivers, plus more cyclists and motorcycles as well.  Share the road and don't be a bully with your vehicle.
There's also likely to be construction slowdowns, so be prepared with water, a good working AC, and a strategy for dealing with your kids if you're stuck in traffic. Of course, NEVER leave them alone in your car, especially in the heat of summer (that goes for pets, too).

Enjoy your summer!

Summer is a time for endless vacations, exploration, soaking up the sun, and enjoying an easier, breezier pace of life.  Here in California, summer driving can be severe and difficult, but your auto insurance rates don't have to be.  Get a quote from and see the true meaning of easy and breezy.


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