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  • Terrible 'Airline' Travel Insurance Cover is Not Offered
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  • No advice is offered to purchase travel insurance cover
  • Customers could be under-covered, particularly those traveling internationally

ANA Travel Insurance is not available to customers who book their flights out of the USA. Not to worry, there are plenty of options available to customers with just a minute or two of searching.

ANA Travel Insurance |

Those of us who fly frequently within the USA are used to having the airline push their version of travel insurance to us on check-out. Over the years at AardvarkCompare we have shown that US airline insurance is consistently over-priced with poor cover.
So, the fact that ANA (All Nippon Airways) does not sell ‘ANA Travel Insurance’ to US-based customers is great news. Customers can now choose – we will show you how.

ANA Travel Insurance – Site Layout

The pricing grid layout of the ANA site is super-simple. Its intuitive nature allows travelers to see the cheapest flights over a multi-day period. A few other airlines use similar systems. In our opinion, this is the most efficient search system available for air travel.

ANA Travel Insurance - Economy Options |

The price difference between Economy and Premium Economy was not great in our outbound leg, so we selected the Non-Refundable Premium Economy Seat.

Had we wanted to make the seat Refundable, we would have needed to spend an extra $400 each way, $800 in total.
That does not represent good value.

We can insure that risk away later using Cancel for Any Reason Travel Insurance.
We will show you how to do this later in the article.

ANA Travel Insurance - Premium Economy |

ANA does not make it very easy to compare the booking benefits of moving between booking classes. Other airlines offer a much more intuitive drop-down comparison box to check. So, this is an area where ANA could easily improve the web experience.

Ultimately, we chose Premium Economy Outbound, and Economy Return.
Total price was $1,950.
This is an expensive flight, but that is something that we consistently see when we travel to Japan. It is rare to find low-cost flights to Japan.

ANA Travel Insurance - $1,950 SFO - NRT |

ANA Travel Insurance – Compare and Save

We explained that ANA Travel Insurance is not available during the ticket buying process. AardvarkCompare takes care of this. We get binding insurance quotes, anonymously, from all our major travel insurance carriers.

Here are some excellent low-cost options for our trip to Tokyo.
iTI, RoamRight, and TII all have great plans for around $50 for our traveler.

ANA Travel Insurance - Aardvark Options |

One of our most successful low-cost policies is the iTI Lite plan. It is certainly low-cost – only $55.
But it has $100k of Medical Sickness cover and $250k of Medical Evacuation cover.

ANA Travel Insurance - iTI Lite |
What is more surprising is that it also has really robust Cancel for Work cover.
We typically do not see such cover in this type of low-cost plan, hence it is one of our favorites.

ANA Travel Insurance – Cancel for Any Reason

Some people prefer to have a policy in place that provides Cancel for Any Reason cover.

This super-powerful benefit does precisely what it says. A traveler needs no reason at all to cancel yet will still receive a significant refund. Our policies that incorporate ‘Cancel for Any Reason’ cover rebate at 75%.

The use of Cancel for Any Reason insurance to lower airline ticket prices has been described as the Airline Ticket Hack. Refundable benefits, yet with Non-Refundable Ticket Costs.

Remember, earlier we talked about spending an additional $800 to make our seat refundable.
Well, we achieve much of the same objective using low-cost travel insurance.

ANA Travel Insurance - Cancel for Any Reason |
The TII Worldwide Trip Protector Plus at $123 offers great value.
The iTI Travel LX is a little less expensive at $116, and has much higher Medical Cover.
Both are excellent plans, and should be considered.

ANA Travel Insurance – One Site – Many Carriers

We love Amazon and are fans of Expedia. Comparison-shopping is simple.
Sites like AardvarkCompare do exactly the same for Travel Insurance.
Would you like to visit each travel insurance carrier directly? Of course not.
Take the Amazon-like travel insurance experience at Aardvark.

So when buying trip insurance, which should you choose?
That’s the beauty of insurance comparison – you get to see all the best prices in the market.

ANA Travel Insurance – Does Aardvark charge More?

You won’t find the same trip insurance plans available at a better price – price certainty is guaranteed as a result of anti-discriminatory insurance law in the US. Take a look at Travel Insurance Comparison – Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website? This is really powerful consumer protection.

A travel insurance marketplace like AardvarkCompare will offer a multitude of different plans from some of the most respected travel insurance carriers in the country. You will only need a few minutes to check value for money, cover, and insurance carrier ratings.

Enjoy your next trip with ANA.

ANA Travel Insurance - Tokyo |

Safe travels.

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I Panicked When I Discovered
I panicked when I discovered the Travel Insurance I had through Expedia had expired when I changed my flight reservation.
When I went to renew I was told I couldn’t.
I discovered Aardvark on my AARP site and I was excited I could purchase an even better travel plan with cover starting with my trip departure, at a cost I could afford.
I was confused with the initial site and Mr. Breeze reached out to me for clarification.
He explained the policy more thoroughly and addressed all my concerns, can’t get any better than that!
Thank You Aardvark and thank you Jonathan for your assistance.
I can go on my trip now knowing I’ll be covered for medical emergencies and then some. 

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Good Choices, Well Explained
I liked the way insurance was explained. I had read an article your company had written explaining Expedia trip cover versus other choices.
I used this advice to make the best choice for me and my traveling companions. That choice was to take a policy that provided much better medical and evacuation primary care.
Your site allowed comparisons, and I think I got the best value for my money. I don’t like constant follow up emails, though. You could back off a bit!!


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