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Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance - Review

When you buy Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance coverage, you can protect your investment in the event that you are made redundant, or your boss cancels your vacation. Typically, this work cancellation trip insurance pays out 100% of your non-refundable, prepaid costs.

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It is a policy benefit that is available in many comprehensive travel insurance policies. Airline or travel sites that sell trip insurance normally have weak or nonexistent work cancellation benefits, so be careful if you buy a policy from them.

Enjoy our Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance Review.

Basic Trip Insurance Cancellation Cover

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance Protection is embedded into more comprehensive policies. When you look through a policy document you will find the work cancellation benefits within the main list of cancellation benefits.

Remember that Basic Trip Insurance Cancellation coverage is embedded into every comprehensive travel insurance policy. This basic cover is designed to help support people who are obliged to cancel their trip due to ‘tragic’, highly unpredictable events. Each policy from different travel insurers will have slightly different language, but here are the typical types of events that are protected:

  • Accident, illness, or death of you, a traveling partner, business partner, or family member
  • Jury duty
  • Legal appearance
  • Traffic accident en route to airport
  • Death or hospitalization of your host at your travel destination
  • Weather
  • Job loss
  • Bankruptcy of your travel provider.

Policy Language

We will use the policy language that we see in the iTI Travel Lite policy in order to show precise policy language.

Trip Cancellation

Benefits will be paid, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, to reimburse You for the amount of unused non-refundable Prepaid Payments or Deposits You paid for Travel Arrangements, including up to seventy-five dollars ($75) for the cost of airline-imposed fees to re-bank frequent flyer miles for air flights to join Your Trip when You are prevented from taking Your Trip due to:

Note that the only Airline Mile benefit comes from supporting the costs of re-crediting your airline miles. You will not be able to claim the equivalent value of the miles, just the cost of putting the miles back in your account, if the airline allows for this.


Your or a Family Member’s or a Traveling Companion’s or a Business Partner’s or a Child Caregiver’s death, which occurs before departure on Your Trip;

That’s pretty reasonable, we think, but what is a Family Member? How broad is the description? Here we go:

Family Member

“Family Member” means any of the following who resides in the United States, Canada, or Mexico: Your or Your Traveling Companion’s legal spouse (or common-law spouse where legal), legal guardian or ward, son or daughter (adopted, foster, step or in-law), brother or sister (includes step or in-law), parent (includes step or in-law), grandparent (includes in-law), grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew, Domestic Partner, Caregiver, or Child Caregiver.

That’s a pretty broad and inclusive set of people who are relevant, which seems fair.

We also need to define Business Partner, Caregiver and Child Caregiver.

Business Partner, Caregiver, Child Caregiver

“Business Partner” means an individual who (a) is involved in a legal general partnership with You and (b) is actively involved in the day to day management of Your business.

“Caregiver” means an individual employed for the purpose of providing assistance with activities of daily living to You or to Your Family Member who has a physical or mental impairment. The Caregiver must be employed by You or Your Family Member. A Caregiver is not a babysitter; childcare service, facility or provider; or persons employed by any service, provider or facility to supply assisted living or skilled nursing personnel.

“Child Caregiver” means an individual providing basic childcare service needs for Your minor children under the age of eighteen (18) while You are on the Trip without the minor children. The arrangement of being the Child Caregiver while You are on the Trip must be made thirty (30) or more days prior to the Scheduled Departure Date.

These are much tighter definitions are may offer some concerns. Note that a Child Caregiver would need to be contracted more than 30 days prior to the departure date. And Caregiver is someone that you have actually employed. This suggests an actual employment contract between you and the Caregiver.


Your or a Family Member’s or a Traveling Companion’s or a Business Partner’s or a Child Caregiver’s covered Sickness or Injury, which: a) occurs before departure on Your Trip, and b) requires Medical Treatment at the time of cancellation resulting in medically imposed restrictions, as certified by a Legally Qualified Physician, and c) and prevents Your participation in the Trip;

Other Covered Reasons

For the Other Covered Reasons listed below; provided such circumstances occur while coverage is in effect.

“Other Covered Reasons” means:

You or Your Traveling Companion being hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury (notice of jury duty must be received after Your Effective Date), served with a court order to appear as a witness in a legal action in which You or Your Traveling Companion is not a party (except law enforcement officers);

We are going to see ‘Effective Date’ throughout the policy document, and it is really important.

Effective Date and Termination Date

When Coverage for Your Trip Begins: Coverage Effective Date

Trip Cancellation: Coverage begins at 12:01 a.m. on the day after the date the appropriate premium for this Policy is received by iTravelInsured®, Inc. This is Your “Effective Date” and time for Trip Cancellation.

So, you are not getting cover the moment you pay for your policy. That only occurs just after midnight the day after your premium has been received by the insurance carrier.

All Other Coverages: Coverage begins when You depart on the first Travel Arrangement (or alternate travel arrangement if You must use an alternate travel arrangement to reach Your Trip destination) for Your Trip. This is Your “Effective Date” and time for all other coverages, except Trip Cancellation.

When Coverage for Your Trip Ends: Coverage Termination Date Your coverage automatically ends on the earlier of: 1) the date Your Trip is completed; 2) the Scheduled Return Date; 3) Your arrival at Your return destination on a round-trip, or the destination on a one-way trip; 4) cancellation of Your Trip covered by this Policy. Termination of this Policy will not affect a claim for loss that occurs after premium has been paid.

Extension of Coverage: All coverages under this Policy will be extended if Your entire Trip is covered by this Policy and Your return is delayed due to unavoidable circumstances beyond Your control. This extension of coverage will end on the earlier of the date You reach Your originally scheduled return destination or ten (10) days after the Scheduled Return Date.

Now, this is pretty cool. If you are unavoidably delayed in getting home, your travel insurance will extend out with you for up to 10 days. We would always want to make a quick email or call to the travel insurance carrier should this event occur, just to make sure all is well.

Natural Disaster

Your or Your Traveling Companion’s primary place of residence or destination being rendered uninhabitable and remaining uninhabitable during Your scheduled Trip, by fire, flood, burglary or other Natural Disaster. The Company will only pay benefits for Losses occurring within thirty (30) calendar days after the Natural Disaster makes Your destination accommodations uninhabitable. Your destination is uninhabitable if:

(i) the building structure itself is unstable and there is a risk of collapse in whole or in part;

(ii) there is exterior or structural damage allowing elemental intrusion, such as rain, wind, hail, or flood;

(iii) immediate safety hazards have yet to be cleared such as debris on roofs or downed electrical lines; or

(iv) the rental property is without electricity or water. Benefits are not payable if a storm, snow storm, blizzard or hurricane is named on or before the Effective Date of Your Trip Cancellation coverage;

Here is a huge gotcha for those people who travel to areas that are prone to hurricanes. If the hurricane is named before you buy your policy, cancellation benefits are not payable. Understand that hurricanes are often named several weeks before they make landfall in the USA, and you can see why it makes sense to get your travel cancellation policy in place sooner rather than later. Every hurricane season we speak to countless numbers of people who struggle to understand why they cannot get hurricane travel insurance for a storm that is just about to hit their destination. It’s simple. Travel Insurance is designed to provide financial protection for unforeseen events. It is not designed for events that we are pretty sure are going to happen. No insurance works this way.

Your or Your Traveling Companion’s place of employment is rendered unsuitable for business due to fire, flood, burglary or other Natural Disaster and You and/or Your Traveling Companion are required to work as a result.

Visa or Passport Theft

a documented theft of passports or visas;

Make sure you are able to offer a police report. Note that if you are unable to get your visas in time for a trip, you are not protected. The only cover that would be suitable to cover this risk is ‘Cancel for Any Reasons’ travel insurance cover – this pays out at 75%. It is only available on a few, higher-priced policies.

Strikes, Transfers, Accidents

a permanent transfer of employment of two hundred-fifty (250) miles or more;

You or Your Traveling Companion being directly involved in a traffic accident, substantiated by a police report, while en route to Your scheduled point of departure;

unannounced Strike that causes complete cessation of services for at least six (6) consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;

Weather, Breakdown, ATC Shutdown

Inclement Weather that causes complete cessation of services for at least six (6) consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;

mechanical breakdown that causes complete cessation of services for at least six (6) consecutive hours of the Common Carrier on which You are scheduled to travel;

a government-mandated shutdown of an airport or air traffic control system due to a Natural Disaster;

National Disaster

You or Your Traveling Companion is in the military and called to emergency duty for a national disaster other than war;

Involuntary Layoff

involuntary employer termination or layoff of You or a Traveling Companion. Employment must have been with the same employer for at least one (1) continuous year;

This is the first of the Cancel for Work Reason Travel Insurance Benefits.


a Terrorist Incident that occurs within thirty (30) days of Your Scheduled Departure Date in a city listed on the itinerary of Your Trip. This same city must not have experienced a Terrorist Incident within the ninety (90) days prior to the Terrorist Incident that is causing Your cancellation of Your Trip. Benefits are not provided if the Travel Supplier offers a substitute itinerary;

Military Leave Revocation

revocation of Your previously granted military leave or re-assignment due to war. Official written revocation/reassignment by a supervisor or commanding officer of the appropriate branch of service will be required;

Make sure your Military  Supervisor or CO is able to write such a letter on your behalf. We think of this as Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance for Military.

Bankruptcy – But not of a Travel Agent

Bankruptcy or Default of an airline, cruise line, tour operator, or other travel provider (other than the Travel Supplier, tour operator or travel agency, organization or firm from whom You purchased Your Travel Arrangements supplied by others) causing a complete cessation of travel services more than fourteen (14) days following Your Effective Date. Benefits will be paid due to Bankruptcy or Default of an airline only if no alternate transportation is available. If alternate transportation is available, benefits will be limited to the change fee charged to allow You to transfer to another airline in order to get to Your intended destination. This benefit only applies if the Policy has been purchased within twenty (20) days of the date Your initial deposit/payment for Your Trip is received;

Please note that if the bankruptcy is of your travel agency then you have no cover. Think about who you are writing a check to when you book your travel.

Sick Family at Destination

Your family or friends living abroad with whom You are planning to stay are unable to provide accommodations due to life threatening illness, life threatening Injury or death of one of them;

Required to Work – Vacation Revoked

You, Your Traveling Companion or a Family Member traveling with You is required to work during the Trip. A written statement by an unrelated company official and/or the human resources department demonstrating revocation of previously approved time off will be required. This benefit only applies if the Policy has been purchased within twenty (20) days of Your initial payment for the Trip;

This is the second Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance protection. Note that you will need someone from the company to write you a letter. Also, note that if you are looking to buy Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance, you will need to get the cover in place within 20 days of making your initial trip deposit. This is rarely an issue for those travelers who are protecting simple travel arrangements like a flight.

But we often see Cruise passengers who have made relatively small trip deposits over a year before they are due to depart on the cruise. This is the time to get your travel insurance in place if you want your Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance cover to be enabled.

It does not matter that you have not fully paid for your trip. Buy Travel Insurance within 20 days of the time you first spend any money on the vacation. As you then add additional non-refundable costs to your trip – staged payments for a cruise, for example, just add more travel protection.

Adding extra protection is simple. Just call the Travel Insurance Carrier that you have got your policy with and let them know that you want to top it up, having spent more money on your vacation.

Mandatory Evacuation

up to seven (7) days mandatory evacuation ordered by local government authorities at Your Trip destination (or official public evacuation notices or recommendations without a mandatory evacuation order issued) due to adverse weather or Natural Disaster;

Company Merger

You, Your Traveling Companion or Family Member traveling with You is directly involved in the merger of Your employer or the acquisition of Your employer by another company;

Hurricane Warning

a cancellation of Your Trip within twenty-four (24) hours of Your Scheduled Departure Date and time if Your Trip destination is under a hurricane warning issued by the NOAA National Hurricane Center, provided the cancellation of Your Trip occurs more than fourteen (14) days following Your Effective Date of coverage for the Trip Cancellation Benefits; All cancellations must be reported to the Travel Supplier within seventy-two (72) hours of the event causing the need to cancel. If the event delays the reporting of the cancellation beyond the seventy-two (72) hours, the event should be reported as soon as possible. Increased amounts of Published Penalties and unused non-refundable Prepaid Payments or Deposits that result from all other delays of reporting beyond seventy-two (72) hours are not covered. The maximum payable under this Trip Cancellation Benefit is the lesser of the total amount of coverage You purchased or the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits.

Yet another reason why it makes sense to buy Travel Insurance earlier rather than later. You need to have your travel insurance in place at least 14 days before a hurricane warning at destination will create a refundable event.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Exclusions & Solutions

Please note that work-related benefits do not typically apply to self-employed individuals. Nor to business entity owners such as partners of a partnership. We don’t see good options if you are trying to buy Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance and this is your situation.

The best we can advise is to look at Cancel for Any Reason cover. This should partially solve the coverage challenge for self-employed travelers or business owners. In this case, a refund of up to 75% is available – not as generous as Cancel for Work Reasons. However, this is a good way to solve the coverage problem that some people face with Cancel for Work Reasons.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Airline & Travel Sites

We always recommend that you check the small print of any airline policy that you are offered. Every Cancel for Work Reason cancellation benefit that we have seen looks incredibly limited with Airline Travel Insurance. None offer Cancel for Any Reason coverage. You will almost certainly find better coverage at a lower price if you spend a few minutes searching.


AardvarkCompare  is the world’s fastest insurance site. We work with some of the leading travel insurance carriers in the USA in order to bring a selection of travel insurance plans to our customers.

Your personal information is not shared with our insurers until you buy a policy. As such, you remain anonymous to them, and will not be subjected to marketing campaigns from them.

Each of our insurers is A.M. Best rated with at least an ‘A’ (Excellent) rating. Our insurers each offer a range of trip insurance plans for you to choose from. We list those plans from cheapest to most expensive, and offer simple comparison of benefits in order for you to see best value.

You will be able to compare a dozen of the top travel insurance plans in less than a minute.

Whenever you run a Travel Insurance Comparison with us, you can be certain that you are getting best possible value. You cannot find the same plan at a lower price. That is a function of the very strong anti-discrimination law that exists in the USA to protect people who buy insurance. The cost of travel insurance from AardvarkCompare is the exact same as if you had gone to each of the trip insurance carriers and run multiple quotes with each one of them.

You are certain to get best value from us.

So, if you think you want to buy Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance, do it early. You can always return your unused policy within the ‘Free Look’ period (10-14 days) and get your money back. But, if you do think you will want travel protection, get it sooner rather than later. That way you have immediate financial protection in the event of a covered cancellation.

Safe travels.

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