Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance

Posted on September 3rd, 2017

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance

Booking a vacation away from work can be an exciting time, looking forward to some hard-earned time away. None of us want to worry that our vacation may be cancelled, but of course this is a risk that all of us face. With Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance coverage, you can protect your travel investment if that scenario happens.

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Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Insure Early

This is another example of the benefit of booking travel insurance early.  In this case, it is important to have your trip insurance in place within 14 days of your initial trip deposit. Why? Arrange your trip insurance to be in place early. Now you can benefit from any Cancel for Work Reason benefit that exists within the policy.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Benefits

This Cancel for Work benefit reimburses you for prepaid, non-refundable trip payments and deposits if a trip is cancelled for unforeseen work-related circumstances, such as:

  • When you or a traveling companion’s employer requires a job transfer which requires your principal residence to be relocated.
  • If you are (or your traveling companion is) required to work during the scheduled trip.
  • When your (or your traveling companion’s) company is directly involved in a merger or acquisition.
  • If your (or your traveling companion’s) company operations are interrupted by fire, flood, burglary, vandalism, product recall, bankruptcy or financial default.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Exclusions & Solutions

Please note that work-related benefits do not typically apply to self-employed individuals. Nor business entity owners such as partners of a partnership. If this is your situation, then it is important to check policy details in order to see if coverage could be in place for you. Certainly, let us know if this is your situation, and we will try to find a policy that covers.

In any event, Cancel for Any Reason coverage would partially solve the coverage challenge for self-employed travelers or business owners. In this case, a refund of up to 75% is available – not as generous as Cancel for Work. However, this is a good way to solve the coverage problem that some people face with Cancel for Work.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Airline & Travel Sites

We always recommend that you check the small print of any airline policy that you are offered. Every Cancel for Work Reason cancellation benefit that we have seen looks incredibly limited with Airline Travel Insurance. None offer Cancel for Any Reason coverage. You will almost certainly find better coverage at a lower price if you spend a few minutes searching.

Cancel for Work Reasons Travel Insurance – Airline Ticket Hack

One way that these additional cancellation benefits can be used is to reduce the cost of airline tickets. Instead of booking Flexible or Refundable airline ticket, book a Non-Refundable, and then add some Cancel for Any Reason insurance. It’s very clever, and certainly worth spending a little time reviewing. We have called this the Airline Ticket Hack.

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Travel Insurance Comparison – Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website?

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