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Why Health & Home Insurance Won't be Enough When You Travel

Health & Home Travel Insurance policies may sometimes cover a few very basic benefits for travel. But they often don't go far enough to be of any real value.

That probably comes as a surprise to many travelers, who make assumptions about being covered while traveling.

Most of us care about cover whether we're jet-setting the world or slugging to the hinterlands for business.  You'll want to read the following.  It tells why your existing health insurance plus your home insurance policies probably won't be enough to cover you for all that can happen while on the road.

Here's why your health insurance will probably let you down if you travel

It's hard enough to know whether health insurance policies will cover you for basic procedures at home. Have you ever looked for their cover when you're away from home?  Read your policy carefully to find out whether the benefits and deductibles are acceptable to you when you use out-of-network doctors.

Even if you have a great health insurance policy, those wonderful benefits you're paying for might not apply when you're traveling out of network.

Using out-of-network doctors is one sticky point in most health insurance plans.  But using foreign doctors is even more of an issue.  If you're on Medicaid, forget about it...you're not covered abroad.

Travel insurance, on the other hand, will pay for a doctor no matter where you find yourself needing one around the globe.  You could fall and injure yourself anywhere from Morocco to Singapore and you're covered.

Homeowners' or Renters' Insurance only go so far

It's true that many homeowners' policies will cover some very basic concerns while you're traveling. But they fall short of providing cover that you probably want.

For example, if your luggage is lost, some travel insurance policies will help you track it down.  They'll even cover buying a basic vacation wardrobe to keep you covered and decent while your own luggage is retrieved.  Homeowners' policies usually won't touch that situation.

For travelers, there's a huge gap in what homeowners' and medical insurance policies cover

Without travel insurance, you'll be on your own if you need to see a foreign doctor or if your luggage goes MIA.  But those aren't the only reasons trip insurance is important.

If your trip gets delayed or canceled you'll find that your homeowner policy is completely irrelevant in that situation.  If you have an emergency while on the road, travel insurance plans have your back.

Let's say you're about to embark on a vacation and (fingers crossed that this won't happen to you) an immediate family member becomes seriously ill.  You can't go. A travel insurance policy will cover that scenario and more that are like it.

This also applies to death, illness or injury of immediate family members during your trip.  Trips that get interrupted for these reasons are also covered.  Again, homeowners' or renters' policies won't touch that with a ten-foot pole.

Finally, not all travel insurance policies are alike.  It's important to compare trip insurance options so you end up with the right policy for you.  At AardvarkCompare.com we offer policies from many of the largest travel providers. With over 30 policies to choose from, we’re bound to have the right one for you.

Safe travels.

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