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Travel Insurance - Holiday Start Date and End Date Explained

Travel insurance never lets up when it comes to your interests. It keeps constant watch over you and your holiday or business trip. Used properly, travel insurance leaves nothing to chance.

Holiday Start Date and End Date Explained | AardvarkCompare.com

It is designed to protect you during the entire course of your trip, from the moment you step out the front door to when you return home safely. So why do we care about your holiday start date and end date?

Because if something happens before or after the course of your trip, your travel insurance company will most likely deny the claim. That's why reporting your holiday start and end dates is so important.  This way, you're not denied compensation because of an honest mistake. Here's how the holiday start dates and end dates work.

What is a Holiday Start Date?


Simply put, your holiday start date is the exact day when you actually leave your house to go on your trip. Typically, it's also the day that your holiday insurance cover begins. You can make a claim for anything that befalls you on or after this date, as part of what are called "post-departure benefits."

The only exception is the trip cancellation cover that's included in Comprehensive plans. The cancellation portion of a policy typically goes into effect at 12:01 a.m. the day after you purchase it. But keep in mind that the post-departure benefits begin as already mentioned -- the day you physically leave for your trip.

Here's an example. Let's say that on September 1st you purchase a Comprehensive travel plan from the good folks at AardvarkCompare.com for a trip that begins on October 10th. The cancellation cover would begin at 12:01 a.m. on September 2, while the rest of the benefits come into effect on October 10th.

Do not hesitate to call your travel insurance provider if you're confused about the holiday start date.

Holiday End Date Explained

The easiest way to understand a holiday end date is to think of it as the day you return home from your trip. Notice that it does not refer to the date that your cruise or hotel stay ends. The holiday end date is very specific -- it refers only to the date you physically return home.

It is important to report the holiday end date properly. Keep this in mind when you're getting travel insurance quotes. If you list a date prior to the day you return home, it could result in a denied claim. And even if your return home is delayed, there is no need to estimate a later end date. Policies can vary, but most extend coverage automatically if the delay occurs for a covered reason.

Safe travels.

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