What Is My Return Date For Travel Insurance? – Video

What Is My Return Date For Travel Insurance? – Video

At AardvarkCompare we need to ask for some specific information from you when you run a travel insurance quote.

It really only takes two minutes, although we have seen quotes run in under a minute before.

However, some of the questions might cause confusion if you are not familiar with the terms themselves.
That is perfectly normal, which is why we created little pop-up question-mark bubbles throughout the site.

If you hover your cursor over any of the little question-mark bubbles you will then see a short script explaining the different terms.

We certainly hope that this helps.

Safe travels.

Return Date:
Please insert the date you will arrive back home after your trip. This may be a day or two later than the end of your cruise or your return flights.
Travel insurance is designed to assist you all the way to your front door.

Information Needed For a Trip Insurance Quote

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