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Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance - Review

Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance

Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance
Insurance Partner
Coverage Options


  • Strong Insurance Partner
  • Designed for Students
  • Supports Spouse & Children


  • Not Available in all US States
  • Limited Pre-Existing Medical Cover

Whether you’re a student studying abroad or an instructor teaching classes outside of your home country, Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance may be what you’re looking for.

  • Cover for illnesses and injuries that occur while you are abroad
  • Access to a worldwide network of medical providers
  • 24/7 travel assistance services
  • Cover for your dependents on the same plan
  • Provides maternity cover

Geographic Restrictions

State Restrictions:  Not available to residents of Maryland, Washington, New York, South Dakota, or Colorado. Country Restrictions:  Not available to citizens of Australia, Canada, Islamic Republic of Iran, Switzerland, Syrian Arab Republic, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone. **Destination Restrictions:  **Islamic Republic of Iran and Syrian Arab Republic.

Liaison Student Eligibility

To buy Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance, you must be involved in full-time educational or research activities:

  • Non-United States citizens may travel to the United States with a J-1, H-3, F-1, M-1, Q-1, or similar visa.
  • United States citizens may travel anywhere outside the United States with a valid passport.

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Overview of Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance


Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical trip insurance is for students and/or teachers involved in higher education outside of their own country. Whether you’re teaching or studying abroad, this travel medical insurance provides key protections for you and your dependents.

What is Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance?

Seven Corners offers several different plan options when it comes to Liaison Student Medical Insurance — six plans for US citizens studying or teaching abroad and three plans for non-US citizens studying in the United States. In both cases, lifetime medical maximum cover begins at $250,000 and, depending on the plan you choose, goes as high as $1,000,000. Regardless of cover level, each plan also provides up to $100,000 in spouse/dependent cover as well.

Cover is relatively robust, including cover for dental accident and dental sudden relief of pain, ambulance service, maternity, routine newborn care, physiotherapy, and spinal manipulation to at least some degree. Other provisions are made for AD&D, acute onset of a pre-existing condition, and even $100,000 in the event of personal liability.

Political evacuation, terrorism, and emergency medical evacuation cover are all included in this particular plan as well.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Review: What’s Missing From Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance?

While Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance offers much in the way of comprehensive basic cover, there are some exclusions. Pre-existing condition cover, for example, is relatively constrained to instances of acute onset. Durable medical equipment isn’t covered either, nor is treatment for conditions such as sleep apnea. Any auditory issues you experience are also not covered, up to and including hearing aids.

Applying for Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance from Seven Corners Trip Insurance

Seven Corners makes it easy for you to apply for Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance. The site features an innovative Get Quote form that allows you to input your range of cover dates and how many individuals will be covered.

Meanwhile, any other questions you might have can be easily answered by a Seven Corners customer service rep. Whether it’s by phone, by email, or through live chat, answers to your questions are only a few moments away.

Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance - Overall Rating

Seven Corners Liaison Student Travel Medical Insurance offers high marks for basic-level cover, and it’s an added bonus that spouses and dependents can also be insured at the same time. Additionally, the wide range of plan options means that there’s something within everyone’s budget limitations.

That being said, there are some limitations when it comes to the plan. A good example of this is how it treats pre-existing conditions. You will need to find more adequate cover if you suffer from anything more serious than an occasional cough or cold.

Safe travels.

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