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What Sort of Thing Isn't Covered by Travel Insurance?

Even though it's in everyone's best interest, most people don't bother to read the fine print when they buy travel insurance.  Do you know what's covered by travel insurance and what isn't on the typical policy?

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Here's an easy guide to some of the most common things that aren't covered by trip insurance. Look it over and keep this list handy for the next time you're looking at travel insurance plans.

Things that aren't covered on basic travel insurance policies

Extreme sports

If you have an adventurous vacation in mind, go for it.  But you'll need a special policy because cheap trip insurance won't be enough.  For example, scuba divers must purchase special dive insurance. Same for bungee-jumpers, sky-divers, and other thrill-seekers. Otherwise, not covered by travel insurance.

Losses due to your being drunk, high, and stupid

If you're found legally drunk, whatever damage you do to yourself, your property or others and their property is your responsibility alone.

**Health risks **

If there's an outbreak in Paradise and you're scheduled to spend your vacation there, there's nothing your travel insurance plan can do for you in the way of cancellation.  If you purchase a "Cancel for Any Reason" option, on the other hand, you may cancel and get your prepaid and nonrefundable deposits back.

Pre-existing medical conditions

You can buy travel medical insurance but it may not cover you for pre-existing conditions.  Travel insurance prices for medical cover vary widely, and this is one of the reasons why.  Some will cover you but many will not when it comes to a medical condition you knew about before traveling.

The link above gives much more information as to how to cover pre-existing conditions.

The basics:

The medical condition needs to have been stable over a look-back period. As in, the medical condition cannot have gotten worse over the last 60, 120 or 180 days. This look-back period is dependent on the insurance carrier.

You will note that we display these look-back periods in each quote box.

Just to make matters slightly more complex, there is also time-sensitivity. In essence, the policy needs to be booked very quickly after the initial trip deposit. This is between 14 and 21 days - you have only two or three weeks from your first deposit to getting your insurance.

And you cannot count pregnancy as a pre-existing medical condition.  Childbirth isn't usually covered, either. Make sure to read the fine print if you're pregnant and planning a trip.

Baggage that's delayed for less than a day

On outbound flights, your baggage typically has to be delayed for at least 24 hours before you're likely to get any reimbursement for purchases made because you have no luggage.

If you have to buy clothing, toiletries or other necessary items, you'll get reimbursed but only if you've waited 24 hours and still have no luggage (you might want to pack a few emergency items in your carry-on to get you through that initial 24 hours, though).

Losses due to war in the destination country

Riots break out, military action ensues, and a civil war erupts in your destination country.  Nope, not even war is a good reason for basic insurance plans to cover your losses.

A tour gets canceled

This is when tour operators go belly-up and you're left holding a ticket to nowhere.  Trip cancellation covers you if you can't go and it's due to a covered reason. However, it doesn't cover you if the tour operator is the one who canceled.  You'll lose your airfare too, if it's nonrefundable and you haven't purchased a CFAR benefit (see below).


If you're wondering how to get travel insurance that covers more, look into the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit.  It will cover many of the exclusions for trip cancellation, some of which you see listed here.  If you see political unrest, virus outbreak or lousy weather on the horizon at your destination, the CFAR benefit covers you if feel the need to cancel before you leave.

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