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Travel Insurance Comparison


Travel Insurance Comparison is simple. We compare the major insurance carriers in the USA. We share the results with you, all on one screen. You can choose the cover you need, and be safe in the knowledge that you have the best price.  We don't charge extra, because it's not allowed.

Most of us shop for hotels or flights online. You are probably familiar with comparison websites like Priceline.com or Kayak.  Did you know there's a similar way to shop for travel insurance?

Travel Insurance Comparison sites makes shopping super-easy

Priceline's specialized search engines pull data from the airlines and consolidate the results in a handy list for easy price comparison.  Sites such as AardvarkCompare.com that compare trip insurance work in the same helpful manner.

They offer a consolidated view of what's out there in terms of travel insurance policies. You can then make informed decisions before you travel.  Type in your parameters and voilà...you get a tidy summary of your options.

You also get the option of filtering your results when you use the comparison engine to buy trip insurance.  Without this type of tool, it would be a whole lot more difficult to compare travel insurance companies.

Choose the cheapest travel insurance or the Cadillac of policies that covers absolutely everything. It's your choice and it's all there in front of you.  And if you've ever tried to buy any type of insurance you'll know that's no small feat!

Travel Insurance Comparison - Are there fees for that?

As convenient and helpful as this sounds, people still worry they're not getting the best deal.  Specifically, the fear is that there are fees lurking in the background. We worry that at some point during checkout, fees will get added onto the core price of the insurance.

There's also the worry that you'll simply wind up paying more for your policy than you would have if you'd bought it elsewhere.

These fee-induced fears come from the simple logic that the comparison website has to make money somehow.  Therefore, they tack on a little extra for themselves to keep things running, and for providing you an easy way to compare travel insurance.

But if this is how you think it works, then you're wrong.

Nope, you won't pay a cent more for policies booked through comparison websites

The truth of the matter is, no matter where you buy travel insurance the price will be the same.  That's because all travel insurance products are filed by state.  No one can sell an insurance product for a cent more (or less) than that filed price.

So you don't have to worry about paying more.  You also don't have to worry that after buying your policy, someone else is going to offer the same one at a deep discount next week.  Not allowed!

Travel Insurance Comparison - Why does anybody bother selling trip insurance?

Then why in the world do comparison websites bother to do such a nice job of helping you select the right travel insurance policies?

The answer lies in how the policies are structured.  You see, there is indeed a commission involved.  It's just that the commission has already been factored into the policy prices you're seeing when you shop around.

So, it does not matter who sells the plan - the comparison website or the insurer themselves. There's a set commission and it's already included in the mandated price set when the policy was filed.

What that means for you is you can feel confident buying trip insurance through AardvarkCompare.com. You won't be paying more for your policy than you would anywhere else, even directly from the insurer itself.

Safe travels.

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