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Trip Cancellation - What's Covered?


Trip cancellation insurance can save your hide if your plans fall apart.

But make sure you understand what's covered.

Anticipating your next vacation is a lot of fun. But with that fun comes the risk that your plans will fall through. What happens to your prepaid travel arrangements when that happens? It all depends on whether you've purchased trip cancellation insurance.

"__Really? I get reimbursed for that?"

Trip cancellation protection should form part of every comprehensive travel insurance. It covers your prepaid and nonrefundable expenses. So let's say, for example, you've put down a deposit on a gorgeous vacation rental on a Greek island. The trip is still months away.

Then, three days before you're supposed to leave for Athens, something dreadful happens at work. They need you to stay and help during the crisis. That's incredibly disappointing, especially since the vacation rental deposit gets forfeited.

Trip cancellation insurance would cover that nonrefundable deposit for you, provided your reason for not taking the trip is covered in your policy. Look at the case of this would-be Greek island-hopper. If his policy covered "being required to work" then he'd be all set. Except for the fact that he'd be stuck in his office rather than enjoying the beach under the warm Greek sun.

What Else is Covered Under Trip Cancellation Insurance?

So, what kinds of circumstances are and aren't covered by trip cancellation insurance? Some policies do cover sudden conflicts at work. Remember you'll have to check the details on any policy you're considering since they're all different.

In general, here are some of the typical "covered" reasons:

  • Jury duty or being called as a witness
  • Military deployment
  • A mandatory quarantine
  • Death, disease, or serious injury
  • A government-issued ban on traveling to that destination
  • An official evacuation from the place where you're headed
  • Getting fired after you made your travel plans
  • Natural disaster
  • Didn't get your passport or visa in time
  • Emergency in your home, like a fire or a flood
  • Travel company you booked with is going out of business
  • Terrorism

Want More Cancellation Reasons Covered? Get 'Cancel for Any Reason' Cover

You've probably gathered by now that trip cancellation insurance covers you mostly when the reason for cancellation isn't your fault, and was unavoidable.

If that's not suitable, and you'd like the freedom to cancel for any reason, there's a policy for that, too. Just as the name implies, 'cancel for any reason' trip insurance covers you no matter what.

Let's imagine another scenario. You've put down money on a villa in France and bought airline tickets for a splendid trip next Fall. Then, two weeks before you're about to embark, civil unrest erupts in Paris and a bombing occurs in the subway.

The whole situation is managed well by the authorities, and life seems to go back to normal for Parisians. But it leaves you with a funny feeling about your trip. There's no government warning about traveling to Paris and it's been quiet ever since, but you're just too on edge to be very excited about going.

'Cancel for any reason' cover would allow you to get at least some of your rental and airfare money back.

Want to learn more? AardvarkCompare.com has all the answers to your questions about trip cancellation, and more. You can even compare quotes from major travel insurance carriers.

Safe travels.

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