US Government Travel Information

US Government Travel Information. The US Government has some excellent information and advice for travelers.

US Government Travel Information |

We heartily recommend it when venturing outside the United States. Click through the links below to be taken to the respective site.

U.S. State Department Travel Information

This is the U.S. Government’s official site for travel information. Find travel advisories and warnings for overseas destinations, as well as passport requirements, registration information, and other travel tips.

Department of Homeland Security for U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Valuable travel information and news about U.S. land border and airline gateway security, including travel alerts. Information is available on passport and document requirements, banned items that may not be imported or exported, and Trusted Traveler airport security programs, among other features.

TSA Guide to Airport Security Waiting Times

Operated by the U.S. Government’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA), this site gives average waiting times at airport security checkpoints on an airport-by-airport basis. Note: this is not live, real-time data, but based on recent time averages, claimed to be accurate by TSA.

State Department travel site for Office of American Services and Crisis Management. This site focuses on tips for Americans living or spending time overseas and how to contact U.S. Government authorities in emergencies.

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Recent AardvarkCompare Travel Insurance Customer Reviews


TP3 |

I Panicked When I Discovered
I panicked when I discovered the Travel Insurance I had through Expedia had expired when I changed my flight reservation.
When I went to renew I was told I couldn’t.
I discovered Aardvark on my AARP site and I was excited I could purchase an even better travel plan with cover starting with my trip departure, at a cost I could afford.
I was confused with the initial site and Mr. Breeze reached out to me for clarification.
He explained the policy more thoroughly and addressed all my concerns, can’t get any better than that!
Thank You Aardvark and thank you Jonathan for your assistance.
I can go on my trip now knowing I’ll be covered for medical emergencies and then some. 


TP6 - AardvarkCompare Review |

Good Choices, Well Explained
I liked the way insurance was explained. I had read an article your company had written explaining Expedia trip cover versus other choices.
I used this advice to make the best choice for me and my traveling companions. That choice was to take a policy that provided much better medical and evacuation primary care.
Your site allowed comparisons, and I think I got the best value for my money. I don’t like constant follow up emails, though. You could back off a bit!!


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